Wednesday, 16 February 2011

water colour washes part 4

hi everyone
first i would like to say sorry for quality of photograph light bulb has just blown lol .

right here are a few simple ways to do washes in water painting i have done them all on one piece of paper so you can see them all together

as you can see all edges are sharp

with this you can see both a hard edge and a soft edge you get the soft edge while its still cleaning your brush out in water taking off some of the water from brush then just touching the edge where you want a soft effect......the paint will move into the damp area giving a softer look

in single colour you use this if you want to fill in the area............but as you will see its very flat looking not very exciting is it lol .
this is where i was going wrong when i started i just didnt realise you could add more layer .

WET IN WET 2 Colours
with this you mix both colours you need ready do a flat wash with lighter colour first then while its wet go in with darker shade they will bend on the paper all by them selves lovely effect

WET IN WET 2 Colours more layers
with this you are now adding more layers of paint and softening the inside edges doing a smaller area each are now starting to get shape and dimension into you subject.

GRADIENT WASH and Preserving the High lights
here you are preserving the high light you try to keep well away from your highlighted area .......each layer is smaller than the last layer
in the photo you can also see at the point where the leaf twists there is a very small touch of highlighted area this gives you the effect of the leaf twisting as its light area next to a dark area always good to try and get this effect in any painting.

have a go at them all have fun
hugs linda x
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