Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Biscornu pin cushion cut on e craft

Good morning all
been experimenting with fabric again on E Craft
i wanted to see how the E Craft would cope with small sizes and shapes in fabric i should have known !
it cut a dream!!!!
using the same  method as i did with padded heart  and freezer paper using fundamental 1 square design
i cut 2 x  2-1/2” squares to make my mini Biscornu pin cushion 
once i had removed the freezer paper i pressed in a small turnover  for seam hand stitched together  filled it with toy stuffing
add the buttons to both sides
this was the smallest size i could hand sew together
it measures just under 1-3/4” finished

thank you for popping by today
hugs linda xxx

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Finished Heart Cut on E Craft

here it is
the finished hand stitched heart
it took longer to sew than it did to cut
as i said i didn’t use  any interfacing  before i cut it out
or should i say  put it in E Craft….
E Craft has cut so precisely  even with handling and sewing  together the pieces of fabric it has hardly frayed around the edges
as you can imagine im one happy crafter here 
im sure with  light weight interfacing  ironed onto fabric  prior sandwiching it in freezer paper and cutting
it will sew up just like the ones i did  at Christmas that where cut using Nestie dies
thank you for popping by
hugs linda xxx

E Craft and Fabric

image 1                               image 2                                                image 3
Hello Everyone
i have been very busy here since Christmas had no time to craft as you all know
so wanted to try out the E Craft on  scrap fabric
i got a chance to play today
Image 1…..  100% Cotton Fabric nothing else no interfacing
image 2….. the fabric sandwiched between 2 pieces of Freezer Paper  that i ironed on to fabric to give it some stability i hope you can see how clean it cut !  it did a fabulous job
set the heart shape from fundamental 1 card to 4” no tabs on Pressure 8
it cut a dream !!!! no snagging  a hot knife through butter springs to mind.
 im really impressed
image 3……. is the final result with freezer paper removed  you just pull it off so easy  my brain has gone into over drive lol im thinking applique for quilts just imagine   team that with the fabric spray from crafters companion  a marriage made in heaven ...
just  hand sewing the 2 pieces together at moment will take a picture of finished  project  later
thank you for popping by
hugs linda xxx