Friday, 5 August 2011

Spectrum Noir Skin Tutorial on Swalk Stamps

Colouring skin

stamped the image with Momento black ink
now lets start these steps will add lots of shape in small area's must say sorry i gave you  a wrong colour for cheeks it should read colour 137

firstly  cover face in 132
then  just on corners near bow and side of eyes from ears useing  light flicking strokes
starting at the edge and flicking inwards to eyes lay down  more colour with 132 it will darken this area alittle
then with 133 and small flicking strokes go all around the outside edges same as befor go from outside inwards
dont cover all the area  around the eyes with this colour

here  i used the CG2  with small dots go in to the areas near the ear hairline and at the bows and on underside of the chin to hand this will add  shadows  ...add the pink with small dots for cheeks
ok i went out of the lines again!!!!!!!!  how bad is that lol.

finally go all over the whole area with 132 in light strokes
add 0 to eye area and while wet add 143 just around the pupil

all done...
as you can see the colours on face are all dry now it has settled down to a even blend all over 
 if you think your image  looks blotchy  leave it to dry 
 go back all over with light strokes in 132 to even it out... but don't over work it.
hope this helps with colouring in faces on Swalk Stamps
 i promise next time to stay in the lines lol
thank you for dropping by
hugs linda xxx

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Cloudedbrains said...

Wonderful Linda and so helpful thankyou xx

Purple Crazy said...

great tut Linda, thanks very much xx