Saturday, 2 April 2011

Sophia's bird bath

i decided to do another bird bath for my grand daughter to have at home
 its all done in acrylics  i sketched out the heart with panda  then transfered it to dish last night its taken  me all day to get the panda right . had to under coat panda with a dark colour then stipple on lighter colours to get the shape must say first try at stippling on a big scale lol
i think she will like it ..............she just loves teddies of any kind.......... im happy with how it turned out
 thank you for popping by today
 hugs linda xxx

Monday, 28 March 2011

tiny pots for my grand daughter

i did some quick  tiny pots for Sophia my grand daughter she is just starting to enjoy being out doors and loves watering plants for her mummy and daddy . i put chives in the pot for her so they are safe if she try's to eat them
 i know she loves to pull flower heads off lol  well thats what little ones do isn't it
it can stand at the side of her play house and im sure if the chives get chance to grow her daddy will put them to good use in his cooking
 i have done another one  but have to get the seeds  to go in this one for her not sure which to get yet might get cress
hugs linda xxx

All Done Mums Bird Bath

its all done and dusted
got its three coats of varnish  my word that was a marathon job waiting for it to dry on each coat .
it stands 14 inches high a decent size  the top dish holds 2 litres of water so plenty for birds to had a good dip
im hoping the little bees dont give themsleves a head ache trying to get nectar from the flowers lol  poor thing
thank you for popping by today . im off now to cut the lawn then back in to paint more pots
hugs linda xxx