Friday, 22 April 2011

Happy Easter

 firstly im sorry for not posting of late been very busy   this is just a catch up to say im still here . and to wish you all a very Happy Easter i hope you all enjoy the break

while we have had some stunning weather i have more or less sorted out my garden just 3 more bushes to remove that got damaged in the winter. then surprise  more samples for our lovely Sheena Douglass  wow  is all i will say for now if your interested in fusion painting your in for a treat .lots of lovely goodies in store,

 today i have been baby sitting my grand daughter Sophia im getting very good at this Nana lark lol
i love her to bits we have loads of fun she is a treat  to have never a problem and its allowed her mummy and daddy a well earned night out with friends . i have just put baby to bed she dropped straight off to sleep bless her.  so now its  my time
nice cup of coffee and  feet up enjoy your weekend
 hugs to you all
linda xxx