Saturday, 12 March 2011

im so delighted to share my news

its been a lovely couple of days here to say the least.
im very proud to be able to tell you all  the lady herself  Sheena Douglass contacted me and asked if i would mind if she did a feature on her blog about my paintings.  wow!!!!!  that was a surprise.
 im delighted  that Sheena was happy with what i had painted using her new Fusion stamps and paints
i can say its always a special moment when a fellow artist compliments your work.
 its so sweet of Sheena to do this
 i do hope you will pop over to    and take a peek at what Sheena had to say

i so look forward to  trying to create even more paintings using Sheena's lovely range of products to share with you all
 my mind has gone into over drive im already looking at what i can use 
 lets say if it stays still long enough it might get painted . 
 thank you for popping by
hugs linda x

Paint Fusion wild rose meets winter

hello everyone
here i am again with another of Shenna Douglas stamps its the wild rose stamp from paint fusion range and yes the sketchy church............ i couldnt settle tonight so had to play with the paints to relax and unwind
i composed the painting in the same way as the others stamped church then the flowers overlapping some petals that looked a bit messy ........  trying to figure out which petal belonged to which flower.... if you try this
 i would suggest you paint the one thats behind first completely  let it dry.... then paint the one in front i found that the best way

if you already have these will be thinking my stamp isn't that shape! it is honestly.......thinking out of the box lol..... all i did on the flowers was under paint petals in cream and made them pointed .....shetched in some leaves and stalks with pencil painted in the flowers with white added some shading with pale blue and green mixed together .blended it out with clean water  very lightly so you dont disturb too much fresh paint..... then i made a very thin light green wash and painted all over each petal  as i understand  the white flowers in real life turn green when fully grown . i do have  these plants in my garden but they are only babies and just budding up caun't wait for them to grow..........

so as you can see these stamps are very versatile Sheena has  brought us some beautiful stamps and paints  to play with i do hope you will give them ago its great fun and the nice thing about Acrylics is if you go wrong just paint over it and start again perfect ..........
 i dont have any other sketchy stamps so please excuse me they are on my list of things to add to collection.
thank you for popping by
hugs linda xxx
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Thursday, 10 March 2011

berry fusion

good evening everyone
i cut out the berry stamps from Sheena 's fusion range, thought i would do this one in Autumn evening setting
the only problem i had was the Berries...... i dont have  a pencil with rubber attached i had to do it the old fashioned way paint little rings lol but im very pleased with how it turned out
thank you for popping by to visit
hugs linda xxx
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paint fusion meets water colour paints

hi everyone
this picture has been buzzing round in my head since i got my acrylics
both sets of stamps are from Sheena Douglas range the daisy from paint fushion and the chruch from a little bit sketchy collection
here i joined the two mediums together stamped the church in with grey stazon then painted it in useing lyra water colours crayons
then i stamped the daisy and leaves round the edge to frame the church painted them in as per Sheena's instructions on DVD
this time painting the petals in first with a under coat of the cream coloured acrylics this covers up some of the stone wall and bushes at the side but also allows you to get a really clean white on flowers i think it gives a lovely effect must cut out the rest of the stamps and try some more
thanks for popping by
hugs linda xxx
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Wednesday, 9 March 2011

vintage look paint fusion

decided to have try at different colours for daisy from Sheens Douglas paint fusion range
in real life the colour is more purple on flowers it just shows that you could get totally different look with same stamps
i did a flat washed as befor on hot pressed 600 gsm water colour paper in white cream and pink paints
stamped with stazon then mixed the colours together to get the purple i wanted painted in as befor then got some texture and few highlights on petals by just adding white to my purple mix once the flowers were in place i mixed a brown thin wash to go on the right hand side to get a bit of contrast
then i  distressed around the edges this time versa fine then added gold embossing powder gives it a kind of vintage look im happy with the little painting
thanks for popping by
hugs linda xxx
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paint fusion

had a little play with Sheens Douglas Paint Fusion stamps today
this is what i came up with im quite pleased first attempt on water colour paper cut with decal edge scissors
i washed in the background useing the white pale blue and a tiny touch of pink
stamped the daisy with grey stazon and set to with the paints following the distructions on dvd
yes i said distructions im covered with paint lol .........saying that i must congratulate Sheena the dvd is very easy to follow and everything is clearly explained
in my painting i used alittle Quinacradone Gold in centre of flower then at side of the stalks and around the leaves just to add that splash of colour once dry i distrested the top with distressing inks weathered wood and pumice
really enjoyed playing with this little project
thanks for popping by
hugs linda xxx
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