Saturday, 15 January 2011

End of the row
water colour painting done in 2010
thank you for popping by
hugs linda x
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On the Fence
good evening  everyone  its been a funny old day here
 outside is still blowing a gale but im snug and warm indoors
i thought i would share another painting
 i do hope
you enjoy your visit
do keep popping back
hugs linda xxx
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Quince song is another of my water colour paintings
i just love the flowers on a quince this one grows in my garden it has lethal thorns though (smile) when i brought the plant it was so small i didnt think it would survive .... i now have to prune it every year to keep it  manageable or it would take over im sure.each and every year i get a mass of beautifull flowers and the colours are just stunning a great little plant  it does bare fruit but i have never used them in jams or jelly. i really hope you are enjoying  your time spent  looking at my blog
hugs linda xx
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Friday, 14 January 2011

mo manning digi stamps

just two of mo's didi stamps.................. the little girl with plant pot is part of a full set you can down load
to help katie appeal
 lots of beautifull digi stamps can be found here great site
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my cross stitch designs

here are some of my cross stitch designs the cottages are a full seasons set all created useing cross stitch professional software
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LOTV stamps

just some of the beautifull Lilly of the Vally stamp range
 love them i have water coloured these ready to make cards
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cheeky chappie

pastel art of a chimp
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pastels still life

a little apple study in pastels
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all fluffed up in pastel

this little fellow had to be called all fluffed up i did it in 2009
its been so cold of late i think its title fits perfectly
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pastel paintings

had to try pastels its a medium that i enjoy useing but get so messy with it lol
this little robin was the first one i have done
thank you for looking
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old log

this painting of a old tree stump i have in my garden
i added a robin to the compostition just for fun
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from up high

water colour painting of mine called :From up high
i like the softness in this painting
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Wednesday, 12 January 2011

a little bit of pink

a painting i did last year i realy enjoyed painting this one i painted it from a photograph this hydrangea also grows in my garden
i wanted to paint it while it was in full bloom ,each petal has at least 7 layers thin layers of paint added if not more to get the depth i wanted the back ground was first painted in yellow hard to believe but true i slowly added more layers of different colours gradually getting it darker showing the wood grain
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my yellow rose

painting of my yellow rose  its the only rose i have in my garden
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touch of summer

my water colour painting called im watching you
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my pink rose water colour

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water colour painting

for my mum as a christmas gift
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Tuesday, 11 January 2011

a warm welcome to my world

hello everyone my name is linda
 i have been crafting and painting for a number of years now
 i do hope you will drop by  every now and then to see what i have been doing
 i hope your days are filled with love and happiness
hugs linda xxx