Friday, 5 August 2011

Rabbit colouring tutorial in Spectrum Noir

here are the colors i have used  from the Spectrum Noir
i first stamped  this lovely image from Crafters Companion  the Beatrix Potter range in momento black ink

i coloured all the rabbits in useing 134

then with small light flicking strokes around the edges with  36 and then added 9 for inside of ears
do try to go in the direction of the  fur this is the start of getting some dimension
into the image

 then useing 104 i went over the area still with the same flicking strokes adding depth to the image
mainly around the edges and where  there would be shade

with WG3 and little dots go into the areas where you think it will be darkest
 keep dots close as you can but  dont cover all your other layers
this will give you the look of fur

now with your light colour134 go all over  the rabbits in light strokes
to blend some of the marks in from previous layers
if you loose them just put them back in

here i started on the jug and bowl using 0 first i went around the edges
while it was still wet  i added 178 this will give you a very soft edge and some shadow to the sides of the bowl and jug if its too light once dry add some more 178 with light strokes
i also added 178 to the cloths around rabbits neck just in shaded areas
then the basket   coloured that in with32..33..31 just to get some shape to it

here i coloured in the leaves with  48..163..42 blending all the colours together with 163
i coloured in the beetroots with 83..81..and tiny touch of 69 for deep shadows
then with WG3 put in the ground around the image added some WG4 to get some extra depth just in the corners under the leaves and back of the basket

finally i went around the out side of the image
with 0 the blender pen and while wet i added 143 for the sky   its hardly visable once dry
 but its there
in some of the small areas like under the tail on left hand rabbit i added just a touch more of 143 so it was darker ..

 its all finished ready to make into a card
i will try and complete the card  over the weekend
thank you for dropping by today
hugs linda x
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SaraDavies said...

linda this is fabulous! thank you so much for sharing it with us all! especially for those of us (me included!) who are still learning the details of alcohol pen colouring! this is great!

Lynsey said...

Hi Linda, this is a fab tutorial! Thanks so much for sharing.
Hugs Lynsey x

Pam Leng said...

Linda thanks for this amazing tutorial, thank you for sharing,great for us beginners

Pam xx

Anonymous said...

awesome tutorial, Thanks heaps for this. Just got some speccies!