Sunday, 8 January 2012

Finished Heart Cut on E Craft

here it is
the finished hand stitched heart
it took longer to sew than it did to cut
as i said i didn’t use  any interfacing  before i cut it out
or should i say  put it in E Craft….
E Craft has cut so precisely  even with handling and sewing  together the pieces of fabric it has hardly frayed around the edges
as you can imagine im one happy crafter here 
im sure with  light weight interfacing  ironed onto fabric  prior sandwiching it in freezer paper and cutting
it will sew up just like the ones i did  at Christmas that where cut using Nestie dies
thank you for popping by
hugs linda xxx


~ Ali ~ said...

this is fab Linda, love it

Ali x

Cazann49 said...

Gorgeous Linda...Carolex

Jan said...

Beautiful Linda xx Jan

Dawn said...

Dawn xx

Louise Welsh said...

How fab you could do it on your e-craft.... are you just loving it? i know i am.... Lovely louise xx

Louise Welsh said...

oooo i don't want that to sound like i'm calling me lovely, i mean your heart is lovely...

Anonymous said...

Looks brilliant xx

craftypixie said...

Looks good Linda :0
I got the Ecraft for christmas from my OH. Not had a chance to play with it yet!! Hope i do soon.

Wendy (pixiehouse sheenie)