Saturday, 19 February 2011

daffodil step by step 1

hi everyone .
in water colour painting its well known you go from light to dark
here im starting with the shadows first ............ it will keep the yellows fresh and clean. if you dont have my colours at hand then you can mix your own with what you have.... it really wont matter at all

first mix up a very weak puddle of Ultamarine violet and a puddle of Cadmium orange.
you have to look very hard at the colour photograph (i would print out a colour photo and keep it at the side of your painting as a reference) we are trying to get a close representation of the flower but not a photo copy so dont worry too much you can say its artist licence your interpretation of what you are seeing

i haven't pre wet the areas im working on as i want the shadows to be sharp .......... and its not a very big area im painting on each petal useing the wet in wet  and wet on dry  i showed you earlier
leave it to dry................

then mix a puddle of weak Cadmium lemon and with a flat wash go over all your petals in one go
once this is completly dry you can remove the pencil lines on petals if you wish ....... it gives you a more natural looking flower thats up to you  its your painting .......but!!!!!!!!!! once you add more  layers on petals your pencil lines will be permenant
have ago
hugs linda x
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