Tuesday, 15 February 2011

water colour glazing

hi everyone
here are two little washes you might like to try (glazing) gradient wash
 i used both these methods in my painting  a little bit of pink 
 with these glazes you are trying to  preserve the white of the paper  which will be your highlights  as well as adding a graduating wash of colour

first mix all your paints ready on pallet its a good practice  to get all your colours ready be-for you start
always mix more than you think you will need it does save time

here i have only used 1 colour (any colour will do for you to try)
wet the whole area you want to paint with clean water a nice even layer
you can see in wet in wet step 1 image the paper looks as if it has a sheen on it
while its still wet pick up your colour on brush and touch paper where you want the darkest  to be. slowly move your brush down the area
you are only using what is on your brush and the water on the paper nothing else.
as in wet in wet step 1 you should end up with something similar where the colour is fading out to white of paper
wet in wet is alittle more harder to control as it will spread all on it own but you do get very soft edges.this method is great for skies in water colour painting either using a single or multi colours

WET ON DRY (you have to be pretty quick with this but you do have more control) 
with this method you add your  paint to the where you want the darkest area to be on to dry paper pulling out the paint as you go, it should be getting lighter in colour  there will be less paint now in your brush than when you started . wash out your brush  in clean water  wipe the brush on some kitchen towel or old rag to take off some of the water but not all, touch or over lap the edge where you left off and pull  out as befor  you should by now  be getting very close to no colour at all just white paper

both of these methods can then be taken to the next level  see steps 2 images 
 your paper must be completely dry on every layer(if you want to quicken up the drying time give it a quick blast with hair dryer)
with the same mix of paint  add second layer of colour   dont completely cover  the whole area as in step 1 you decide how far and where you want the colour to be.......... its very subtle but you will see it   getting stronger in certain area's its totally up to you how many layers you apply.your in control it will all lead  you to a finished painting

 by doing thin glazes ( think layers of different coloured glass or acetate) 
you can apply different colours over the top of each other allowing the one underneath to show through
do give them a try you will get some great effects
thank you for dropping in, i do hope you try out  glazing
hope to see you again soon
hugs linda xxx

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Rita said...

Linda, Just to say Thank-You so much for this. Looking forward to learning more. Hugs Rita xxx

lindah11 said...

awh bless you Rita
if at any time your not sure of anything i have written do drop me a line ask away .......
its not one of my strong points trying to explain lol
hugs linda xxx