Saturday, 19 February 2011

daffodil step 6

mix up a puddle of green with Cadmium lemon and French Ultramarine
another puddle with Cadmium orange Cadmium red deep and French Ultramarine (orange brown in colour )
add a small amount of light green just where the flower head meets the stalk while its still damp drop in the orange brown colour as in picture.leave to dry then deepen as befor useing layers following what you see in your photo graph

mix a dark green with Cadmium yellow light and touch TerraVerta with more of the French Ultramarine
this should look a blue green............   wet the stem down the middle but not to the edges with clean water.
then with tip of brush paint down each edge trying to keep a lighter strip in the centre of the stalk your paint should move into the up the colour as befor in layers. you decide how dark you want to go

leave to dry
hugs linda  x
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