Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Template and tutorial for letter rack

Sorry in advance for the long post
 i had no idea how to explain how i made my
 letter rack

this example is made from A4 card with 2 letter slots
if you want to make a 3 slot letter rack  like the picture above you will need 16" x 16" Card

5 A4 pieces of card scissors  dies stamps decorations of your choice and wet glue
i used Collall all purpose glue
Crafters Companion

CUT 2  pieces of card  7" x 11-3/4" for front and back panels
CUT 2 PICES OF CARD 2" x 11-3/4" for side panels and score full length at 3/4” in on both pieces
if you use a die to shape the top as i have done
you will have to adjust the side panels accordingly i rounded the corners on mine .
and CUT to fit you can use any large die shape

 i have used paper for this tutorial   

print out the image below for  letter compartments cut out 2
i decorated my pieces before i assembled  with patterned papers
it was far easier that way
Assembly of letter rack
Step 1
i have used  double sided tape for this tutorial
wet glue is recommended
place glue on bottom flap  1 on inside and one on reverse side of top  compartment
glue compartments in place 1 at a time
Step 2
attach the bottom compartment to base of you front wrapping the flap to the back
turn it over and place little pencil marks either side of your compartments  at the straight edge
this will give you a guide line where to place the second compartment
Step 3
the second flap gets stuck down directly onto you front panel
Step 4

now place glue on the inside of your thin tabs wrapping round as in picture
and attach to the back of front panel do this on both sides
Step 5
place glue down full length of 3/4 section of your side pieces
attach to  back side of you front panel on both sides
Step 6
now glue the triangle part  of your letter compartments to your side panels
as in picture
glue your  back panel over the backside of your front panel to hide all the joins and neaten up your letter rack
decorate till your hearts content….
for 3 slot letter rack you will need 16" card stock  
the width on all pieces stay the same through out

i hope i have explained it clearly enough 
for you to try it your self
 if your not sure cut out the pieces from copy paper first and follow the steps of the assembly
it's not hard to do just darn hard to explain...

if you do make one and share on net or your blog
please be so kind as to link back to my blog
Please do leave me a comment
i love to read  all your comments
thank you for popping by
hugs linda x


sue - bearhouse said...

This is a fabulous tutorial, thank you so much Linda

Hugs Sue

Linda said...

Thank you so much for the tutorial Linda I really appreciate the time you took.

Linda xxx

Sheila said...

Thank you Linda for a wonderful tutorial, the finished letter rack is gorgeous. I am going to have a go this week and I will post it on my blog with a link back to yours.
I am now following hope this is ok? x
Link to my blog so you can pop by to see my attempt :)

julie_woolston said...

This is a fabulous letter rack, thank you so much for the tutorial.

Hugs Julie x

Jo Davies said...

Fab tut Linda love it thanks for sharing Jo xxx

Rita said...

Thank-you so much Linda. You are always so generous with all your knowledge. I will certainly have a go whilst on holiday next week. House sitting and chick watching while family are on holiday. Hugs Rita xx

Loopygigglebuns said...

Hi Linda I love this project, I have tried it out and put the result on my blog linking back to you, I think after checking back I need to perfect it though.