Thursday, 12 July 2012

good morning crafters

 no crafting today 
 plans are all change for today and tomorrow 
Sophia  refused to go to playschool she was in floods of tears  was so upset this morning
when her daddy asked what was the matter she said wanted to visit me instead.....

which is lovely for me i really enjoy spending time with her
so no grown up crafting  for me till later today now sat watching Cbeebies oh pure bliss....

we are off out in garden soon to cut the grass it's a lovely day here
i have had a pretend coffee and play cake already very good for the figure lol 
would you all like some  She love playing pretend shops.
have a great day everyone catch you all later 
hugs linda xxx



Enjoy your day, I'm sure you both will (lots & lots).
Kirsty x

julie_woolston said...

How lovely Linda enjoy your day, I would love a coffee and cake, I'll be there in a minute! lol.

Hugs Julie x

sue - bearhouse said...

Enjoy your day Linda, I'm so glad my children are too old for Cbeebies now!