Monday, 3 October 2011

what a weekend

no card to share today but im still here
 i have been very busy here getting some DT  cards finished .... they are all packed ready to send off .
boy this weather is so changeable  over the weekend sooooooooo hot!!!!!!!!!!! it was unbearable its windy and grey but still very sticky.... think rain is on it's way...........  it's so hard to believe we are in October already...where has the time gone?
i have been stripping off wall paper  in my landing window.... i had a leak from the bad winter we came from under the facia boards water found away into the inside of the windows and pulled the wall paper away so i have been filling in .... ready to redecorate my stair case ohhhhhhhh im too old for this lark that's for sure.... but at least i will only have to paint next time.... my craft room looks like a bomb has hit it again  nothing new there then  lol...... more sorting out is needed
i spend more time searching than crafting these days lol ..... i really should get a firm grip on  keeping it tidy but hey i had so much fun with the samples.......

anyway i hope you have had a wonderfull weekend and that the weather was kind to you where you are
hugs linda xxx


Linda said...

Oh Linda, I know decorating is a right pain but is one of those jobs that needs to be done. Good luck with tidying your craft room.

Linda xxx

Catherine said...

Good luck with the decorating Linda - it's a job I hate! I set out to tidy my craft room this afternoon too - and it did look a bit better - but that was before I started messing around with Coredinations card and crafting again. It now looks like it's been ransacked again!!

Catherine x