Wednesday, 5 October 2011

a little bit of me time

hello my lovely followers
 it's been a frantic few months with lots of fantastic crafting goodies  being brought to you with still more to come not able to share at the moment   but they are Yummy!!!!!!!
on the horizon are some fabulous products hitting the Crafters Companion web site
they have a launch on TV  pick of the week on 14th so watch this space for some sneaky peeps 
i loved playing with them  i just know you will you all know the past products have been flying out the door so get your running shoes on for these .........

im having some me time in between  re charging my batteries
 i feel like doing some real art not painted a proper picture in ages so my thinking caps on for ideas and inspiration the autumn colours are just  stunning  right now ....

 i mentioned a few days ago my daughter in law got  a fantastic job offer she really wanted it  too!'s her first week she is loving it...  im going to watch my grand daughter on fridays for them WOW...  sophia and  i are are going to get up to so much....... hopefully fun times all round means i get some quality time with her  while mummy and daddy are at work  so looking forward to that ....
anyway enough of my ramblings i have to get  going on sorting out my craft room   so untill next time i wish you all well and happy crafting
hugs linda xxx

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Elaine said...

Awww Linda, it has been such a busy time. I hope you manage to do one of your paintings, the autumn colours are so beautiful :) Have lots and lots of fun with your grandaughter Sophia, am sure you will ;) mand big congrats to your daughter in law on her new job :)

Sorry I havent left a comment recently, been so busy sweetie :)

Elaine xxx