Sunday, 25 September 2011

Little Tutorial Colouring Reds with Spectrum Noir Pens

first stamp your image with momento ink onto neenah card

decide where your light sorce will be coming from  mine will be on the right hand side
use the lightest of your colours i have used orange  no 23.....

then added coral red no 12 at both sides of the orange then with the lightest  orange colour  23 work over the coral red to blend the colours at the joins

contiue with other colours in bands as be-for working out to the edges of image...
with scarlet  no 13 and  brick red no 94  for the darket shadow areas  you dont need alot of the brick red 

as you can see i have gone over each band of colour with the  scarlet then coral red working inwards
 till i reached the orange (lightest area)  
with chisel end i went over the final strip of orange colour to bring them all together in a smooth blended piece you can add more of the brick red to get deeper shadows but dont forget to blend out with the scarlet

little tip
if you dont have all the colours i have used you can deepen the reds you have by leaving them to dry and going over a smaller area with the same colour 
 the green grey 3 is very good with the reds that doesnt move the red colour around you can place that on top of your reds once its completed if you choose to

i hope that helps with your reds  in Spectrum Noir  pens
hugs linda xxx
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Mags said...

Thank you so much for your Spectrum Noir tutorials! I've recently bought some, and your instructions are so very helpful! They are wonderful pens!

luv, Mags x

MARY B said...

Thank you, Mary x

Sarah said...

Fabulous tutorial Linda!
Sarah xx :0)

Linda said...

Thank you Linda, fabulous tutorial as always. :)
Linda xx

Rosietoes said...

You angel. I missed this tut before. I cannot get my reds right and this is just what I needed to help me.

Thank you!!!
Edna x

Pam Leng said...

Another great tutorial thanks Linda

Pam xx