Monday, 11 February 2013

I'm Still Here

Hi There My Crafty Friends
  you might ask what i have been up too
unfortunately not crafting   as such .....
you might remember i posted about  we were expecting baby twins in March this year 
they decided to arrive early on the 23rd Jan a boy and a girl
 weighed in at 3 lbs each slightly smaller than expected for date but never the less
 they are both well  Ashton and Alana
they have just been moved from neonatal  intensive care
 into the Special care unit now both gaining weight feeding from bottle 
and looking very strong indeed
i have been knitting prem baby cardigans like billy O
 yes  it has to be 2 of everything lol 
the proud parents are coping brilliantly  bless them  
it's been such a worry for us all  i have felt that some of the stress has been lifted knowing they are getting stronger every day
i haven't got to see them in person yet i haven't been up to the mark with colds and stuff 
but my son sends pictures daily so i don't miss out
as you can imagine my crafting has been side tracked
with good reason lol
 must say 
Ashton and Alana 
are beautifull and so precious to us all....
they are expected to remain in hospital till there due date
which is end of March
 to be honest with you i have been living and breathing these little  babies
 don't think i will truly relax till they are both home with us all

as for the crafting side 
i have seen both Crafters Companion and Sheena Douglass
have brought out some fabulous crafting goodies
i do hope you agree they are must have's
so till next time 
happy crafting  to you all
hugs linda xxx


Donka said...

hi Linda, just to let you know that you've been missed, but on the other hand it is understandable that you are preoccupied with your little grandchildren. it is such a fabulous piece of news that they are little fighters and that they are progressing fine.
looking forward to your future creations and with the best wishes to you and your family.
xx donka

Marianne said...

Actually I had been thinking about you this weekend, realising you had not posted anything in a long while. I'm sure we all fully understand that your mind has been on other things. I'm happy to hear the twins are doing so well. Best wishes to all and take care!

Kelly Lloyd said...

Best wishes to you and your family. Glad the twins are doing well and putting on weight. Their names are beautiful.
Take care
Big hugs Kelly

Linda Simpson said...

Oh how wonderful Linda, Congratulations to the parents and to you of course. Such beautiful names too.

Yes Crafter's Companion and Sheena have both contributed to me being short of money LOL but I just love their products.

Big hugs and take care
Linda xxx

jane stillman said...

Congratulations, so pleased Ashton and Alana are doing well.

Kelly@CCCC said...

Well, first things... CONGRATULATIONS!! All babies are beautiful and such a picture of God's awesomeness and love! Great to hear that they are doing good and getting stronger every day! Can't wait for you to post some pictures! Glad you stopped in and let us know how you are doing! Have a wonderful week! Kelly xoxo

Alison said...

Congratulations to you and your family. No wonder you`ve had no time to craft!!!
You were definitely missed in your absence. I wish you all well and look forward to seeing your creations when you have some free time

Take Care
Alison xx