Sunday, 29 January 2012

Wrist warmers

hi  it’s me again
thought i would share  something i have been knitting 
my wrist warmers 
must say they are so darn warm i have struggled to take them off  these past few days
as you can see they don’t restrict you using your fingers
they took a few hours to knit but well worth the effort done in dk wool
i did knit another pair they were for a birthday gift for my youngest son’s partner she loved them
will definitely knit more  so useful in this cold miserable weather we are getting at the moment
thanks for popping by today
hugs linda xxx


Debbie said...

Oh WOW these are fab!!! Pity I can't knit well not these, scarf perhaps as just a straight line!!LOL. Great idea though Linda!! :-) x

Jak Heath said...

oh these are brilliant, hope it helps you.

Georgiegirl2012 said...

these are lovely. I must make something similar for myself - I'll go hunting a pattern soon xx

Catherine said...

These are lovely Linda and look really warm. No point me starting to knit them though - I still haven't finiished the jumper I started knitting over a year ago!

Catherine x

CraftygasheadZo said...

Oooh cosy, fab knit! Zo x

Vick McClean said...

Shame i don't know the stitches you mentioned Linda cause i could really do with some of these, my wrists and hands are getting weaker, & more painful, i know knit& purl but they are boring this looks gorjus, are the stitches you mentioned hard to master? hugs vick xxx

Vick McClean said...

Linda, Can you please let me know the answer to my question above, cause i want to go get some wool! cheers me dears xxxx Vick xxxxx

lindah11 said...

hi vicky
if you mean stitch to use the pattern in picture you would need some experience in knitting
if you use the instructions i have left on here and just knit every row they make lovely pair of wrist warmers
hugs linda x