Sunday, 29 January 2012

very easy wrist warmer knitting pattern

hi everyone
i am in process of knitting these wrist warmers  will post picture once done
but thought i would share the  knitting instructions with you all
you never know you might get the needles out…

Very Easy Wrist Warmers
100 grms DK knitting wool
size 8 uk needles – 4mm

cast on 40 sts leaving enough spare yarn to  sew up the seam once completed
  garter stitch 4 rows = (knit  each row)
stocking  st 58 rows = (knit 1 row  purl 1 row)
garter st 8 rows 
cast off
join side seams at top cast off edge of garter stitch to final stocking st row
from cast on edge  sew up the side seam leaving 1-1/2”…..3.5 cm gap from the top garter st band
you now have your wrist warmer
knit 2 alike
i do hope you will try these out  very easy but so practical 
hugs linda xxx


Claire said...

Thanks Linda, what a great idea and your pattern looks really straighfoward. I love your wrist warmers in the fancy design,they look gorgeous but way out of my league
Claire xx

Debbie said...

Thanks for this Linda!!! Debbie x

bowlingwitch said...

Hi Linda, these look really good but I was a bit confused about the finishing up part. You mentioned sewing up the side seams twice & also is it at the bottom by the wrist that the 3.5cm gap is left? Thanks.Debbie xx

lindah11 said...

you sew up the ribbed part
then leave the gap and sew to the bottom the hole becomes the hole for your thumb
hugs linda x