Saturday, 19 November 2011

Happy Saterday

hi  my friends
 im still here....  not dropped off the face of the earth just yet ........ been very busy  at this end of my little part of the world..
im taking a break from DT samples to watch Sheena on TV...with her new  lake side sketchy stamps
i could watch Sheena all day  just love all she talented....
not allowed to say what will be happening at the moment... will say fun stuff on the horizon combined with messy  crafting ......right up my street....
got some funny looks  if i pop to the shops  multi coloured .......hey that's a crafter for you. blow getting bread just let me craft!!!!.
had some crafting goodies delivered  lots to share once things settle down
i hope your all keeping well  if not have a gentle hug and take care
hugs linda xxxxx


Linda said...

Hi Linda, glad to hear you are better and working on some DT work. Look forward to seeing what you have created.

Linda xxx

Catherine said...

Ooh, that sounds interesting Linda! Glad you are feeling better again. I heard Sheena singing your praises on C and C today - and rightly so!

Catherine x

~ Ali ~ said...

Sounds exciting!! Sennding lots of squidgey hugs sorry for not popping over sooner. I had the dreaded lurgy too :(


Ali x

P.S thank you for following my shiny new blog :)