Monday, 21 November 2011

good morning monday

 your in the right place Honest!!!
 i have decided to change the look on my blog... me and computers don't gel lol  some of you will know, im a watch and do.... not read and do .... i spent best part of yesterday trying different styles and templates ouch!!!!!!!!!! not a good idea....
 i wanted it to still be easy for you to read in comfort....and look clean and fresh.. i hope you approve..

we have had some really bad weather here over past few days freezing fog not nice at all ... so darn cold heavens above this is just the start of winter
i had to do something to keep me quite.... thankfully the fog has lifted now ...

 DT samples are wrapped and ready to go off to Sheena  im happy .....
still got stained hands my friend said didn't wear gloves then!!!!!! No lol ......i couldn't find them.... need i say more!!!!!!!!! my son popped in last night  first thing he said was what have you been up too???????  well that's me a messy crafter.
im going to tackle my craft room  today bin bag at the ready ....i made up my mind it has to be done no excuses now it's creeping out of the room and  slowly spreading to rest of the house not good at all.
anyway enough of my ramblings im going to wish you all ...a great day
take care
hugs linda xxx


~ Ali ~ said...

I love love love it!! Fresh and Clean...fabulous. Have a fab day my lovely

Ali x

Rosietoes said...

Love the new look Linda. You've got it spot on!

Edna x