Monday, 19 September 2011

Meet the Red Patch Pals

hi everyone i got out my pencils paper and pens last night
here is what appeared on the paper ......the one on the left is called Patch and his friend is called pimple.......
both sporting a little red patch on their chin
these pals live in a part of the garden that never gets looked after
i have just the very spot in my garden dont you ?full of junk odds and sods weeds the works!

my garden has been sadly neglected this year just dont have the time and weather has been so shocking of late
anyway i thought you would like to see the little characters that live in my head
not decided if they are full of mischief or just silly! lol
thank you for popping by today
hugs linda xxx
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Wendy said...

I love these Linda. You should do more x

Louise Welsh said...

amazing linda, you are so talented to come up with these, love them. louise xx

Tweety said...

These are definitely a seller ... cute little munchkins ..... oops.... pumpkins x

Yvonne said...

OOOO I like a lot x