Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Tutrorial in water colour Skin tones for stamping

here are things you will need
paints any kind of water colour paints will do  most basic brands will have the colours 
you will need brush water colour paper mixing plate  clean water  tissue  
ok stamp your image  with versa fine ink and lets get mixing
you will  need 
the colours are yellow ochre and alziaron crimson
as you will see i use a white china mixing dish  its best to mix on white  you get a true colour 
a white plate will do just as well  look at the puddles of paint  its not thick but you can still see the white showing through

so wash out your brush and mix the two colours together having the water on clean brush it will water down the strength of mix take a look at the left hand side you will see how pale this mix looks

so lets paint in this lovely image of the popcorn new stamps range

now bring into the mix more paint from the first puddles of colour  this will strengthen the colour just go around the edges
if you get harsh lines on the edge just get some clean water on your brush and go all over the area leave to dry it should all settle down and blend its self 
you must leave it to dry  on every layer 
Little Tip  If the paper feels cold its still damp
if it feels like your body temperature its dry
you can speed up drying time with heat gun 

now with tip of your brush pick up some Alizarin crimson from your first puddle  add the blush to cheeks
wash out the brush  wipe off water from brush on tissue and with damp brush go around the edge to soften the area around the cheeks

we need to make some SHADOW colour
 this is cobolt blue alizarin crimson and burnt umber this is the darkest brown you will have

mix them all together  you will get a mucky purple colour this is your shadow colour 
Dont Panic this mix will go over any colour  strange as it seems 

once you have added your shadow around the edges
 wash out your brush and pick up the very first flesh colour mix and go over all the area leave to dry
 i do hope this  tutorial helps colouring your images using water colour paints
 please do if you have time leave a comment i do read every one
thank you for popping by
hugs linda xxx

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