Monday, 4 July 2011

Milk Cartons and Holder Tutorial

 you will need
7 pieces of A4 Card stock in total to complete this project.

Stage 1 you will need 4 A4 sheets of card stock for the cartons
score @ 2-3/4"...5-1/2"....8-1/4"...11"

Stage 2 with card turned as in the picture
score @ 2-3/4".turn card and score again at the 2-3/4" mark

 stage 3
cut away  the 2 small wedges as per picture and cut all the wedges to center score lines

 stage 4   fold and score all the score lines.
and trim top edges on first and third wedge  this will be the top of you cartons
At This Point i decorated as it was flat it was less Fiddly.....
then i assembled the cartons once they were all finished
i punched two holes in the rounded wedges ready for ribbon the other two flaps you just fold in...

Stage 5  Holder  base
 this is just a piece of card cut to 8x8"
then scored around all sides at 1" and assembled as you would any box

stage 6 the handle

you need 2 pieces of A4 i cut these together so that i would have them both the same
 i used a nestie die cut for the opening but a punch would do if your card stock isn't very thick
i ran this through a couple of times
i glued them both together up to the score line see image..........leaving below the score lines open
open out the flaps then i glued both into the holder base in the center
i hope i have remembered it all ....
 there is a video on you tube you can watch on making up the cartons but i forgot to save the link sorry
there you have it
one lovely gift idea
thank you for popping by
hugs linda xxx

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