Monday, 2 December 2013

Decorating Candles with no need to wrap

Hi there crafters
i have been experimenting 
with candles again
and to be honest with you im blown away!!!
 the magic is 
Stick and Spray 
yes that's right no kidding
i did get good results heating the candles with a wrap
of greased proof paper but holding it in place was a nightmare
it kept slipping which you don't want 
so today i got out my candles
stamps embossing powder  and played...
i did 6 candles in just under 12 minutes got quite a little production line going on lol
everyone perfect no runs no pitting or dimples
It's so darn easy 
with the stick and spray
 i have taken some pictures of each step  
in case you might like to try it for your selves

Step 1
heat emboss your stamped image onto tissue paper

Step 2

 cut around your image not to close keeping your edges curved if you can to get a softer effect
Flip over your image over give it a quick light blast of Stick and Spray
 you don't need a lot a fine mist will work brilliantly

there is no rush it will stay tacky for quite a while
just let the spray agent evaporate  like you would if you use if for stamping

Step 3

place your image right side up onto your candle and smooth out with your finger tips
you can re-position at any time as i said no rush 
make sure there are  no bubbles or creases in the tissue paper
and heat set the image
Making sure your heat gun is moving at all times

you will clearly see the wax melting through the tissue 
you move to another area

once it was all done  but still warm
i rolled the candle onto some grease proof paper to make sure all the edges were in cased in wax
but really i didn't need to 
as i said everyone worked perfectly
here is the finished candle ready to decorate
 honestly do try it with the stick and spray 
Brilliant stuff 
Magic in my eyes
your able to hold the candle while your heating too
 with the greased proof paper i felt i couldn't see the wax clearly melting  
this way you have no fear of that it's happening there right in front of you
  i had no problems heating the image that had the stick and spray onto my candle
no fumes or any such thing at all

i was in full control at all times doing it this way 
 didn't feel like that using the greased proof wrap that's for sure
i do like to be safe when im crafting

 here is one of the other candles that  i made this morning 
decorated all ready to give as a gift

PS: just added a picture of the Stick and Spay
you need
 i type in the wrong product name  earlier
so sorry
 don't want to miss lead anyone 
thank you for dropping by
 hugs linda xxx


Donna said...

Wow Linda what a great idea. I have been making candles for years and have never thought to try this, thank you so much for sharing. :-) Donna x

Kay said...

Wow Linda, thats brilliant!! Thank you for sharing your great tip. Love the candles. XX

Rosietoes said...

Great tip - thank you Linda. x

mazza said...

Linda your candles ;look gorgeous thanks for the tip I bought all the stuff i needed to make some myself as teacher gifts for my daughters teachers but what I didnt have was grease proof paper so havent done them yet. Will be giving this a go later I think.
Marie xxx

Jan Ltc said...

Brilliant Linda. Thanks for sharing xx Jan

Valerie Nolan said...

Great tut Linda it's encouraged me to have a go:)
Val x

Wilma Brown said...

Brilliant tutorial now I trying to find the time to try this out.


Wilma x x x

julie_woolston said...

Fantastic idea Linda I will have a go at this.
Thank you for sharing
Hugs Julie xxx

Gemma Griffiths said...

Great idea Linda. Can i ask what stamp you used as I love the font. Thanks