Wednesday, 26 September 2012

I’m over the Moon

I had a lovely surprise  this morning from
Pen Storage Stacking System
OK your thinking what is all the fuss about ???
trust me im thrilled to bits and utterly delighted at the end result
it’s going to cut my colouring time in half …. as you know i colour each and everyday with my Spectrum Noir Pens
but never had proper storage 
i like to have my pens all together when colouring i can't be doing with lots of little packages and i don’t have the room
so i  though i would share a before and after Pictures 
i call this the  Needs Must Nightmare lol…… 
had to pack the container to stop pens falling down
believe me when i say the colour you need always landed up flat on the bottom
and how many times have i had to go through them all just for 1 pen

i wonder how i managed to get so much colouring done to be honest with you
to say im jumping for joy is truly an understatement
im now in crafting heaven take a look….

What an improvement …
you can see they accommodate any brand of pens
i need a few more layers for my other pens but that will not be a problem knowing i can order more right here in UK..
they are very easy to assemble strong and don’t fall apart once put together
i assembled mine in my living room added my pens and carried them upstairs to my colouring area in my craft room
they never budged….. so if i fancy colouring in front of the TV i can  Fabulous ……
they hold 12 pens per section you decide how high or how long
if your stuck for pen storage and have limited craft space i would recommend taking a look at this system
Crafters Companion have ticked every box
they will be  launched Monday over on Create and Craft as a 4 day deal
Crafters Companion are doing some fabulous multi buy offers so i would say
why not Tune in ! and see for your self
thank you for popping by
hugs linda xxx


Lise Cooke said...

wow Linda they look fabulous, can't wait for mine to arrive so excited xxxx

Jennie Black said...

jealous! we don't have our yet!

julie_woolston said...

Wow Linda what an improvement, this is just what I need, hope we can get them soon.

Hugs Julie x

Martha Pineda said...

wowzers! look at that collection ;)
how gorgeous ;)

Dilyana said...

Wow, this is amazing! Where can I buy one? I can't find it in the CC website...

Tracey Brossart said...

Big improvement! I have the same exact problem...I currently keep my markers in a container like your above container...not fun when the color you need is way at the Someday I will get me these! Love craft space! :)

xx Tracey xx
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Maggie said...

Wow...heaven indeed!!!!

Marianne said...

They look wonderful Linda. My husband and I had been talking about creating a clever storage solution ourselves, but it looks as if we don't have to worry about it any more.

bluebell said...

hello yes i keep my pens in biscut tins,not good. will see how much they are. thanks for sharing the news,love bluebell-flowerwood.

patricia wood said...

I want - need - these now! xxx

Linda said...

WOW Linda I just have to have these. I know what you mean about the pen you want always being at the bottom.

Linda xxx

Loopygigglebuns said...

I have the whole collection of spectrum noir pens and definitely agree, this storage system is fab. They keep everything neat and easy to see.