Sunday, 19 August 2012

so blooming cross

hi there everyone 
im spitting feathers here
spent most of the day yesterday doing samples that i was going to drop off at the
Great British Craft Festival
only to find that  with over crowding  and air con breaking …they had decided to not sell on the day ticket
for today
people were being turned away even with tickets
my word i would have been so angry if they had done that to me
so there i sat last night kicking a cushion  very disappointed i had to cancel my travel arrangements
we were supposed to be going for a day out my son his wife grand daughter and myself
now bare in mind my son does not do or get crafting at all he thinks im totally bonkers playing with card
and even he was disappointed
so big thumbs down
Great British Craft Festival
piss up in a brewery more like
mind you i bet they couldn’t get that right either………..
sorry i don’t normally rant about these sort of things but when you have spent weeks organising  and making plans
looking forward to a day out 
i would have been sat in traffic jams and no ticket
i would have exploded ….
hugs linda xxx


Michelle J M said...

How damned annoying Linda. I didn't know about this. Thank goodness I was feeling lazy this morning and didn't feel up to the one and a half hours drive there. I would have been spitting feathers too! Michelle x

Linda said...

Oh what a flippin shame Linda, I too would have been spitting feathers if I had turned up and couldn't get in!

Linda xxx