Tuesday, 27 March 2012

which came first ????

The Chicken or the Egg ??
in my case it has to be  the Chicken
a hand sewn  chicken all ready for Easter i made my own templates  with  heart shapes
 i didn’t have any plain coloured fabric
so out came my  spectrum noir
i have instant coloured fabric fantastic!!!
legs are made with  twisted wool with knots in for joints lol
i have been missing for few days looking after my mum
who is on the mend thankfully but im shattered lol..
never mind all is good now the sun has come out
hope you have a lovely day
hugs linda xxx


Cath said...

I love it Linda. Think it would like to be introduced to my Clarence the door stop cockerel..lol. Great work xx

Linda said...

Fabulous Linda, love it!

Linda xx

GoonerGirl said...

Wow this is FAB I love it. Chris xx

Cumbrianlass said...

Hi Christine,
I love your Chicken, so cute made me chuckle.

Cumbrianlass said...

Sorry I called you Christine, Linda, having a senior moment I think

Elaine said...

This is so FAB Linda well done .I am just catching up on peoples blogs and posts. You have been making some great creations lately and your watercolour is Amazing !!
I am so glad your mum is feeling better , well done for lookimg after her Hugs Elaine

Celia Harrington said...

Well dont know which came first but the chicken is fantastic lovely easter gift xxxxxxxxxxx

Kate M said...

What a brilliant idea - love it