Sunday, 12 February 2012

some more knitting


this is what is keeping me quite of an evening just lately

while watching TV i have been using up all my odd bits of wool from last years knitting

the cowl/neck warmer is in chunky wool and the wrist warmers are in Aran wool

tell you at this rate even the milk woman will be wearing them lol

but have to say i have worn mine none stop this past week  snug as a bug in a rug as the saying goes

you miss them once you take them off i can tell you lol

lunch time here so might get to share another card later

thanks for popping by

hugs linda xxx


Georgiegirl2012 said...

I too am loving my knitting at the moment. Love all your work

Sarah said...

Wishing I could knit and that I'd paid more attention to my gran when I was younger!
Have been looking at purchasing a pair of wrist warmers to keep me warm in my craft room.
Sarah xx :0)

Fiona C said...

Lovely, Linda I know who to smile nicely at if I ever need some knitting done - not a skill I mastered even on 3 months night duty! LOL