Thursday, 5 January 2012

darn weather

 had  hardly any sleep with high winds heard a few bangs in the night thought it was bins
only to find this morning that it's taken out all my fence panels and post along full stretch  of my back garden
the panels are  now doing a good interpretation of fire wood the  post are snapped clean in two..
had to come back indoors its fowl weather out there still freezing cold  raining and winds are beyond belief
oh well.... shouldn't grumble  at least im safe
if your out in this.....  do take great care stay safe
hugs linda xxx

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Viv said...

Didn't sleep last night either 'coz of the gale force winds Linda. Luckily we have (horrid) hawthorn hedges, so no damage done. Shame 'coz I'd love to see them go! THe positive side of not getting to sleep with the noise, was well, the noise! I LOVE listening to it and the stronger the better. I need help! lol
I'm so sorry about your fence. Hopefully, the insurance will be quick in sorting it out.
Viv xx