Tuesday, 13 December 2011

hand stitched Soft Toy Dog

while watching a tutorial last night on Debbie Shore’s site
she explained how to make your own dog pattern
well !!!! me being me  couldn’t be bothered to get sewing machine a ruler and so on out
i just free handed my  dog pattern and blanket stitched around.
but which ever way you choose to do it you would get a lovely soft toy for a baby/toddler
from material mine was two pieces  7”x 7”
i stitched the bow firmly in place so can't be undone lol  by little fingers
thank you for popping by
hugs linda xxx


Marianne said...

Oh Linda, this is really cute...great present.

Catherine said...

Linda this is gorgeous! I think you can turn your hand to anything!

Catherine x

Becky said...

This is super adorable, I love it.
Becky x

Hazel said...

It's lovely. Great gift for a baby. Hazel x

Dawn said...

How cute is that!
Dawn xx