Saturday, 10 December 2011

dried orange slices for decorations

well what do you do of a winter evening
i dried some orange slices for  Christmas decoration
i should have been decorating but no i did these instead  i do tend to get side tracked
first time i had dried them so didn’t know what to expect.
I'm really pleased with the results will do more
if you would like to try  here is what i did
sliced the oranges into 1/4” thick padded as much juice out of them with kitchen roll
placed on a rack in  oven on a  very low heat  for around 3 hours turning every now and then till dry
it does depend on your oven for timings
i just kept my eye on them so they didn’t burn
im adding these to a winter potpourri but would look lovely on wreaths or just hung from the tree
the house smelt divine and these can be very expensive to buy from the shop so why not make your own.
you could dry slices of
apples lemons  grapefruits as well as oranges in the same way
to dry in microwave oven 
 slice oranges and lay on 5 pieces of kitchen roll with another 5 pieces ontop  
on middle  (reheat) setting for a 700w   cook for 4-5mins
take out and lay on fresh layers of kitchen roll as be for and heat for 3-4 mins but keep checking the slices on this stage as they can start to burn i found that i got better results using oven but  the microwave  is a quicker way  i found it hit and miss though.
take out and leave to finish drying on a rack
hugs linda x


Becky said...

What a fabulous idea.
Becky x

LJ's said...

An othere great idea hun love it xx Nicky xx