Friday, 30 December 2011

another thing sorted and breaking news

 im not sure if i mentioned the other week my son had a bang in his car on his way to take Sophia to nursery he got rear ended the other driver drove off.....
few days before Christmas he got a call from the police saying that the other driver had finally reported the accident meaning  it could go through insurance
 the insurance have written the car off far too much damage to repair...
but the upside is the firm that my DIL works for  have offered her a company car ...
im so pleased for them it means they can start afresh in the new year  the old car has just been collected so that's another thing off the To Sort List
mum has just rung to say the part for her boiler will be here in couple of days and she can now get quotes for repairs so all in all a good day..for them both
as you will gather what with my decorating Christmas plans and other family stuff happening around me
 im sat here still with a smile on my face..... i really do count my blessings each and everyday im staying calm cool and collected..
oh by the way 
Crafters Companion

are bringing out a new set of stamps and CD called Strawberry Kisses
a TV Launch
i haven't done any  samples for this launch but i can say they are so darn cute 
you will love them !!!
lets say a Purrrrrrfect start to a brand new year 
the Design team ladies are going to
  start the sneaky peeps with a blog hop on the 1st Jan so why not pop over
 to hop along with them  i will be hopping over to see the beautifull creations
there is another great prize on offer for the lucky winner
here are a couple of the design team blog 's
if you would like a early sneaky peep
Louise @
Marrianne @
Jacqui @
truly some stunning cards well done ladies
ok enough for now 
happy crafting
 hugs linda xxx

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thanks for the mention linda louise xx