Sunday, 30 October 2011

how to create a picture with the new Sheena Douglass lake side stamps

 how to create a  picture for your home 
with the new sketchy stamps from Sheena
this is a 8" x10"
as you will see i have cut a piece of water colour card  larger than the size i need then with  bog standard masking tape i made a frame to the required size that fits the mount in the frame
make sure you stick it firmly down  on the inside edges so that the water colours don't bleed under but really this wont matter as it will be covered by a mount

right here goes  
starting nearly at the top of the paper
as you can see i have used the mountains for my distance i stamped it twice  don't worry about the join you will be painting over it
i used versa fine smokey grey ink   for my water coloured images it's softer than black and takes the water colours paints very well if you  heat set  it...

middle distance 
 now i stamped the tree set on the left

yet again building up the scene  
your going to think hello!!!!  they don't work  but hold your horses it will all come together 

then with the separate branch image  i added more to the top of the tree 
now get your pencil yep a simple pencil!!!!and join it all together 
see  the image below

 see it does work!!  
just extend the tree  at the base and at the top of the tree 
then again  the land with the group of trees and add some extra clumps of grass 
your now ready to start painting
i hope you will try this it would make a fantastic gift  for anyone  once framed
have a great day 
hugs linda xxx

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Patricia said...

You are a "Jem" for doing this.
I am not a stamper but I have ordered these stamps. I will have a go at making a scene, the picture type!! althought could see it developing into the other kind if is does not work as I want it to.
My son would like to start Water Colouring, I thought that the stamps might just be a base for him to start.
Thanks again,
Oh! by the way all your other cards are beauitiful and so diverse, I love them.

PatriciaD xx