Thursday, 21 July 2011

the colouring festival has begun

hi everyone
 i got the Spectrum Noir pens  just be for lunch today in a very dull damp part of my world
ripped them out of packaging to try a few scribbles ..... these are my own personal thoughts on them so far....

here goes on what i see for myself...... they  do what they say on packet truly..... the blending is perfect
the pens are so juicy  yes i know they are full  and new....... but the ink really does flow.
the bullet tip is finer than a pro marker so tight corners shouldn't/wont be a problem

the pens are a rounded square shape so no rolling off the table excellent idea....  the refillable aspect is a dream
you wont get any duplicates the 6 packs are all different  colours from the 24 packs ............which can be a nightmare remembering what colours you need or have...
over the next few days i will be giving the pens a mega work out on samples so please do drop by to see how im getting on as soon as i can  share my efforts i will ...... remember to go to Crafters Companion to get in first once they hit the store i will be back.............
thank you for dropping by today
hugs linda xxx

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