Monday, 9 May 2011

sorry i have been missing

its been full on here
as some will know im redecorating my home  son and daughter in law  came over at the weekend and painted my kitchen for me while i watched my grand daughter Sophia...that was  a lovely surprise i am just about straight in there now just a few more bits to  spring clean  then that room will be  ship shape .

i have been trying some modern art ....very minimal
will share once its all done its work  in process at im waiting for supplies to arrive

its a new venture for me......... im painting on canvas doing some Impasto work thats been a learning curve
working with plate knives and  slapping the modeling paste on then making it textured.... but had great fun doing it
 have to let it dry in between so i have been trawling the net getting some inspiration i have two very big canvasses here as well as these im doing that are  small square 8x8  im doing it in acrylics i caun't get on with oils  the drying time is far too long for me...........way to impatient lol
im off to watch Sophia tomorrow  her mummy and daddy have to go out that will be great fun.....i love watching her its always a pleasure
thank you for popping by today
hope you will drop by soon hugs linda x

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Elizabeth said...

What a lovely surprise for you Linda and there's very little to compare with the pleasure of grandchildren. I imagine your kitchen is now finished and your enjoying the freshness of it all. Take care. Elizabeth x