Thursday, 3 March 2011

no painting today

hi everyone
 well what a week im having  spent two days sourcing some new paints i want to try
 finally found what i needed and my shopping list keeps growing...... have no idea  if i will be able to work with them but  nothing ventured nothing gained in my book at least they will look pretty all lined up lol once they arrive .im really looking forward to experimenting with them

im also waiting for the Sheena Douglas paint fusion to arrive so which ever gets here first i will have a go and share with you all
wanting to get out to take some  pictures  ready so i can get cracking but its been so darn miserable  and dull
i would be sharing a grey piece of paper with you all .fingers crossed it gets a little brighter over weekend and i can get out
till next time take care  everyone and thanks for popping in
hugs linda xxx

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Hazel said...

Linda I'm really enjoying visiting your blog and today I've passed on an award to you. Check my blog for details.